Dear participants the book of abstracts can be found here. Regular scientific talks are 15 minutes with 5 minutes discussion time. Vendors and the invited lecture have a 30 minute time slot.

Friday 11thPresenterInstitutionTitle
09:00Bergrüßung durch Roland ReischlUniversität SalzburgOpening Ceremony
09:10Rudi KrskaIFA TullnASAC Presentation
09:20Stefanie WernischInvited Career Perspective Lecture
09:50Ian OesterleUniversität WienTargeted LC-MS/MS for the analysis of polyphenol exposure in humans
10:10Fiammetta DiMarcoUniversität SalzburgNovel HPLC MS approaches for intact proteoform characterization of therapeutic glycoproteins
10:30Short Break
10:40Verena SchmidWaters AustriaVendor Presentation
11:10Andreas SchweikertUniversität WienMicro-droplet-based calibration for quantitative elemental bioimaging by LA-ICPMS
11:30Maximilian LebedeUniversität SalzburgExploring the Chemical Space of Protein Glycosylation in Noncovalent Protein Complexes: An Expedition Along Different Structural Levels of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin Employing Mass Spectrometry
11:50Valentin BraunUniversität InnsbruckA sensitive and fast multi steroid LC-MS/MS assay for the routine clinical use with a one-step sample preparation: comparison to immunological methods
12:10Lunch Break
13:20Thomas BöglUniversität LinzInfluence of extraction parameters in high throughput tissue extraction for lipidomics
13:40Felina HildebrandUniversität WienMass spectrometry-based lipid quantification by reversed phase chromatography utilizing a counter gradient
14:00Antonia MalissaTU WienDetailed Analysis of Parchment Degradation by ATR-FTIR and Raman Spectroscopy
14:20Magdaléna KrausovaMeduni WienMonitoring mycotoxin mixtures in infant stool by LC MS/MS
15:00Coffee Break
15:30Marius SeglKnauerVendor Presentation
15:50Martin SchaierUniversität WienEstablishing antibody labelling procedures for the imaging of in vivo samples using LA-ICP-TOF-MS
16:10Milica JovanovicTU GrazAnalysing Poly- and Perfluorinated Alkyl Substances in Paper-based Food Contact Materials
16:30Martin WalentaUniversität GrazDetermination of the amavadin concentration in different parts of Amanita muscaria using HPLC-ICPMS
16:40Short Break
17:00Lisa HoffellnerTU GrazMethods to simulate transport through cellulose based food packaging materials
17:20Wisnu SudjarwoUniversität WienSilica nanoparticles as plastic antibodies for Human Serum Albumin recognition produced by an integration of solid phase synthesis and Ostwald Ripening
17:40Katharina BöttingerUniversität SalzburgQuantification of minor abundant glycosylation variants of monoclonal antibodies
18:00Silvia WehmeierUniversität GrazMental health challenges in the PhD research community from awareness to action
End of Day 1
19:30Virtual JAF Party Quiz
Saturday 12th
09:00Roland ReischlRecap
09:05Nina TroppmairUniversität WienA KNIME workflow for processing data from targeted lipidomics approaches
09:25Mira FlaschUniversität WienNon-targeted mass spectrometry for elucidating the exposome and its impact on the endogenous metabolome
09:45Alexander WengerUniversität SalzburgTrace Analysis of D Amino Acids in Mouse Organs by 1D & 2D nano HPLC-MS
10:05Fangrong ZhangMeduni GrazGlobal analysis of protein arginine methylation
10:25Coffee Break
10:40Hermann RauschAgilentVendor Presentation
11:10Bianca de JonckheereUniversität WienLipidome analysis of murine megakaryocytes during maturation
11:30Dimitrios FlorosIFA Tulln Comparing Chromatographic Techniques for Targeted LC/MS-MS Method Development Focused on the Livestock Metabolome
11:50Gulnaz MukhametzianovaMU LeobenInvestigation of non-metallic inclusions in steel samples based on LA-ICP-MS
12:10Lunch Break
13:20Hendri WasitoBoku WienEnhancing metabolite annotation for non targeted metabolomics using alternating in source fragmentation with a single stage time of flight mass spectrometer
13:40Simone TrimmelMU LeobenDevelopment of ICP MS based methods using collision and reaction cell technology for analysis of technology critical eleme nts (TCEs) in plants
14:00Manuel PristnerMeduni WienUntargeted metabolomics of plasma and fecal samples obtained froma cohort of extremely premature infants
14:20Roland ReischlUniversität SalzburgClosing Words - Award Ceremony - Summary - Outlook

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